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Rammstein Arena Tour 2019


RSA Films

Asylum Supervisor

David Plewis

Asylum provided the visuals for Rammstein’s teaser trailers to promote their 2019 stadium tour. They feature various iconographies of the rock band, made up of tightly arranged matchsticks, which were set ablaze for a domino effect that echos the band’s penchant for pyrotechnics.

Upon receiving sketches from our client, we redrew the images as vector files, then overlaid a dense grid of small holes over the designs. We cut the boards and drilled the holes using one of our CNC machines, then fitted the matchsticks by hand.

We experimented with different setups to adjust rate and speed of various elements such as flame spread and smoke distribution. The whole rig was then fitted with fuses and remote controlled ignitors so our technicians could initiate and adjust the flames as it was being shot.  For added effects, we also included different pyrotechnic compositions and colourants for some extra sparkles.