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E.ON x Gorillaz



Production Company



Noah Harris


Ewen Brown

Art Director

Drogo Michie

Asylum Supervisor

David Plewis

The film sets the stage for the presentation of the solar and battery-powered “E.ON Kong Solar Studios,” which premiered at the “Demon Dayz” Festival in England on June 10.

Set in a quarry outside of Barcelona, the film features over a thousand dancing toys, hundreds of light installations, giant tanks of illuminating squid, a squadron of flashing UFOs and a giant golden lucky cat. All powered entirely by solar and battery storage technology.

The assortment of toys were rigged in unison, according to type, in-order to achieve choreographed sequences of movement. Some were mechanically rigged, such as the ‘Happy Clappies’ applauding. Others were electronically wired together for triggering at the press of a single button.¬†All the toys had to be carefully taken apart for spray painting so that they all adhered to a complimentary colour scheme.

The Gorillaz dolls were bought vinyl figurines which were adapted to be more articulated and move in time with the music. They were powered by cams that were attached to electric motors.

For the crowning piece of this ad, a 10ft Japanese lucky cat was fabricated from polystyrene and coated in hard polyurethane. Within was a heavy duty bearing for swinging the arm back and forth.