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Ministry of Sound

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A series of adverts for various Ministry of sound albums.

Anthems II – The logo was water jet cut from 5 cm brass, polished and gold plated. A tank incorporating a rising rig, was used to lower the logo into the surrounding gold liquid.

Anthems Disco – Disco ball style Ministry logo was painstakingly made with individual squares of mirrored glass.

Annual 2009 – Asylum supplied a pyrotechnique curtain as backdrop to the dancing girls.

Chilled – The Ministry of Sound logo was created in ice for this commercial. Asylum’s CNC machinist worked with ice sculptor¬†Duncan Hamilton¬†to cut the logo out of a 5 cm thick block of crystal clear ice, using data supplied from the client. Six blocks were made, some were dropped on to a Perspex surface and shot as they broke apart. Others were hit by an acrylic ball fired from a compressed air cannon.

Chilled II – Asylum supplied a large water tank in clear glass, and a 15 cm diameter aluminium Ministry of Sound logo. The logo was dropped into the water and filmed at high speed. Awarded ‘Best Music Ad’ by Creative Review in 2009.

Holiday Anthems – We created CAD data for the 3d printing of these letters for use on the album cover and TV ad.