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Fast & Furious Live

Production Company

Fast Live Productions

Asylum Supervisor

Mark Ward

Asylum was responsible for crafting a range of practical effects for the Fast & Furious Stage Show.

We created modified replicas of cars featured in the movie franchise. These include a 1970 Dodge Charger R/T, Dodge Charger PPV, Honda Civic and a Mitsubishi Eclipse.

The cars were deconstructed and refitted with purpose-built elements capable of various SFX and stunts, including crashes, dents, air suspension, nitro exhaust, rising smokes and hydraulics. A custom electric spinner was developed in-house specifically to create the high-speed tire effect on slow-moving cars, all of which were powered by retrofitted Tesla Model S batteries and could be easily reset after every performance. Everything was robustly built for continual use on the touring show.

A special stunt door was also built for dragging an actor across the stage during a chase sequence. It was fitted with a hidden steering mechanism, allowing the actor to discreetly control the direction of travel whilst clinging onto it firmly. A fibreglass panel, made to look like the leather interior of the door, was fitted to concealed the mechanical elements.

Finally we tailor-made a fireproof suit disguised as a police uniform during a fiery segment of the show. With hand-stitched chainmail and armour plates, the suit adhered to safety standards and allowed the actor to be repeatedly set alight for each performance.