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Batman Live


Nick Grace

Production Designer

Es Devlin

Costume Designer

Jack Galloway

Asylum Supervisor

Mark Ward

Asylum was approached to produce the Batmobile and costumes for Batman and Robin in this live stage show.

The famous car designer Gordon Murray was responsible  for the F1  concept of the Batmobile and taking these designs, we fabricated two cars, to accommodate the travelling arena tours demanding schedule. We were provided with CAD data for the outside shell, from which we produced patterns and inturn GRP molded panels to bond to the aluminium sub frame within. Various effects for the car were added, incorporating smoke and LED lighting to give the impression of rocket propulsion, programmed LED ‘wheel’ lights for motion,  and the canopy was mechanically engineered for remote functions by the show controller.

The costume concepts were initially pre-vizualized by our art department based on designs from costume designer Jack Galloway.  Sculpted in clay over body casts of the actors,  detailed and molded, the final suits were fabricated in foam sections with airbrushed metallic finishes. All sections were fixed to undersuits for quick changes required in the show, with emphasis on durability and ease of movement for the high octane extravaganza.