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Visa Heart


Saatchi & Saatchi

Production Company



Juan Cabral

Asylum Supervisor

Mark Curtis

We fabricated a number of internal body organs and veins for this advert, incorporating animatronic movement and liquid effects.

Internal Vein – A large scale vein made from silicon was fabricated, in order to film under water. A rigorous amount of R&D was put into achieving the correct kind of turbulence, for the pigmented fluids pumped into the tube.

Generic Internal Muscle Structures – A variety of silicon compositional sculpts with stringy muscle structures criss-crossing over cavities.

Giant Heart Sculpt – This traditionally sculpted form was for close-up camera passes.

Life Size Animatronic Heart – Developed on a previous job, our animatronic rig was used for the natural pumping movements a heart makes.