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Under the Skin

Production Company

Film 4


Jonathan Glazer

Jonathan Glazer’s art house movie was a fine example of how traditional special effects and computer graphics can be seamlessly married to make visually stunning imagery. Asylum worked for many months on research and look development for every effect on the film. We also spent many weeks in Scotland providing stand-by through out the whole production of the film.

Birthing Scene – These striking images were produced by mounting two gloss spheres on a motion control rig and syncing up their movement with the camera’s.

Black Gloss Floor – A giant concertina lift rig was fabricated to sit in a tank of thick, black coloured liquid, which lowered the actors slowly before being submerged.

Underwater Skin – A series of skins were produced which allowed water underneath to create billowing effects when water jets were directed over the actor. A muscle suit was made so you could see forms under the moving skin.

Harvesting Trough – We made the ‘digested’ body goo and trough rig for this unsettling scene.

Hidden Camera Dashboard – The internal of a van was scanned and several compartments were digitally modelled to allow hidden cameras to be placed. The new dash board was then fabricated and fitted into the van.

Alien Skin – A scan of Scarlett was used to create moulds and cores to fabricate a skin that fitted over a thinner acting double.

Fire Death Scene – Pyro effects and charred modelled remains were provided.