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The Great Roller Coaster Miniatures

Production Companies

Macgowan Films and Lewellen Pictures


Ally Pankiw

Asylum Supervisor

Mark Curtis

For ‘The Great’ Season 2, we were asked to fabricate model props of two very different roller coasters.

The idea in the script was that one ride was designed by an intellectual, crafted beautifully, but killed it’s passengers as they flew off the end of the tracks. The second was crudely constructed out of twigs and string by the servants, but was made into a completed circuit, displaying the early development of the modern day roller coaster.

As always, time was a factor on this project so both models were drawn out in CAD. Both models had to be fleshed out with MDF profiles in-order to set the model railway track in the correct position. Tests were then done to make sure that the correct movement would be achieved on camera when a truck was let go, down the slope. Once these shapes were finalised, detailing for the architectural model, and frame building for the twig set could commence.