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War of the Worlds Quadruped Aliens

Production Companies

Urban Myth Films / Canal Plus / Fox


Gilles Coulier & Richard Clark


Julie Scott

Production Designer

Richard Bullock

Asylum Supervisor

Mark Ward

Despite the reliance on computer effects, Asylum was asked to fabricate two life like models of the four legged alien robots. These were used as a mixture of lighting reference, stand-ins and dead props.

We knew that these models were to be used at numerous locations and would see some rough and tumble. So using the provided 3D model from VineFX, we designed a skeletal structure to be welded from steel tube, fitting within the confines of the creatures body. Industrial ball joint fittings were used to allow articulation and secure locked poses.

The outer casing of the models were combined into large sections digitally, before being 3D printed in a durable nylon material. This was clad over the frame and artworked to the clients specifications.

One of the creatures had to have a hollowed section in the body with detailed parts, for an autopsy scene. A separate head was made that could be disassembled to reveal intricate mechanics. These were a mixture of metal engineered parts and 3D prints.