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Gucci Gothic Ark


Simmonds Ltd


Glen Luchford

Asylum Supervisor

Simon Allen

The Gucci Gothic campaign features the building of a biblical ark. Asylum aided in the initial design and then constructed a 1.5 metre long scale model of the vessel to be composited into the final advert.

The ark was modelled with references to traditional shipbuilding techniques, keeping it light weight and structurally sturdy. Working closely with the art director, we first created multiple iterations of the ark in CAD, fine-tuning in the process to establish the look of the finished model. The design was then broken down into ribs for our modelmaking team to assemble and finish.

Jelutong wood was used due to its low density and fine texture, which produces suitably scaled grain. We also included features such as a working entrance door and movable rudder, as well as scaffolding around the ark. Finally we stained the wood and dry brushed the highlights to finish it off.