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Channel 4 Rebrand


4Creative and DBLG


Jonathan Glazer

Production Designer

Chris Oddy

Asylum Supervisor

Mark Ward

The refreshed identity reflects Channel 4’s public service focus on innovation, diversity and taking creative risks and is the latest evolution of a brand that has existed in its current form for over a decade.

The classic 4 logo will no longer appear in its full form on TV. Instead the 4 has been broken down into its constituent parts, which will be used across all of Channel 4’s branding, from on-screen graphics menus, to the new typeface, to the channel’s idents.

Shaman Costume Ident – Through a period of look development, we fabricated a shaman costume decorated in dried grasses, leaves and husks.

Red Crystal Ident – Clusters of red crystals were cast in pigmented resin and assembled into larger structures. These were formed from the original building blocks of the channel 4 logo.