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Hussein Chalayan Inertia


Hussein Chalayan

Asylum created some 3 dimensional dresses for Hussein Chalayan Fashion show in Paris.

The theme was inertia and Hussein had designed the dress to show movement and impact, the dresses were made by first machining them out of solid blocks of chemiwood using Hussein’s data from his computer renders of the designs. 

Once the tools were machined they were cleaned up by hand and painted to a high gloss finish. From the finished tools we took GRP moulds and then machined a core tool that would fit into the GRP mould. Foam latex was then poured into the void between the core and the mould and they were then placed in the oven to set. Graphics were created from Hussein artwork and were shaped in pholoshop and cinema 4D to allow the artwork was printed onto transfer paper and they were applied using heat blocks. On top of the transfers the rest of the artwork was airbrushed with inks and lacquered to give a gloss finish.