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Airbnb Gift Card Worlds


Nexus Studio


Jack Cunningham & Nicolas Ménard


Cindy Burnay

Asylum Supervisor

Simon Allen

These four stop motion animation films were created to show the unique places that Airbnb have to offer.

We were approached by Nexus Studios to fabricate the miniature sets, based on provided illustration work. Using CAD, we could work out the depth of the sets needed to create the correct visual scale.

Houses were required for three of the films and they were initially drawn up in 3D for sign-off with the client. The models were then made into a kit of parts for printing and later assembled for final art working. Detail was important, so we used a mixture dried foliage and flocking to bring the sets to life.

For the family reunion film, we were asked to produce the set of figures and vehicles, using 3D printing and hand finishing/painting techniques. A careful hand was required for the very fine detail.