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Visa Heart


Saatchi & Saatchi

Production Company



Juan Cabral

Asylum Supervisor

Mark Curtis

We fabricated a number of internal body organs and veins for this advert, incorporating animatronic movement and liquid effects.

Internal Vein – A large scale vein made from silicon was fabricated, in order to film under water. A rigorous amount of R&D was put into achieving the correct kind of turbulence, for the pigmented fluids pumped into the tube.

Generic Internal Muscle Structures РA variety of silicon compositional sculpts with stringy muscle structures criss-crossing over cavities.

Giant Heart Sculpt – This traditionally sculpted form was for close-up camera passes.

Life Size Animatronic Heart – Developed on a previous job, our animatronic rig was used for the natural pumping movements a heart makes.