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The Grinch Chair

Production Company

Jamie Newton @ Special Treats Productions

Asylum Supervisor

Mark Ward


Lee Sutton, Drys-Sarah Luiggi

Asylum made this life-size Grinch chair for the animated film’s┬ápromotional events and behind-the-scene interviews with the starring actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

Upon receiving a basic CAD model of the chair based on the film, we rebuilt it in a way that could facilitate real-world fabrication whilst adhering closely to the original design. We deconstructed the chair into separate parts: the base was first buzzed out of plywood and assembled, then foam paddings were cut out with our CNC machine and carefully applied over the surfaces. We also cut out leatherette covers for the upholstery and added fine details with Chesterfield buttons and pipings around the edges. To finish, an ornate steel base was produced via water jet cutting and welded to the bottom.

We took extra care in choosing the best material to match the texture and colour of the chair, and adjusted the dimensions to comfortably fit Mr Cumberbatch. The result was a beautiful piece of prop that looks straight out of the movie.