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Selfridges Micro=Macro


Filip Custic

Asylum Supervisor

Mark Ward

Spanish artist Filip Custic, approached Asylum to produce an immersive, kaleidoscopic structure for Manchester’s International Festival. He performed inside the piece at Selfridges as part of ‘The New Order’ campaign.

Filip creates hyper-surreal universes in which the laws of gravity, time and space do not apply. In these imagined worlds bodies contort, multiply and divide through the use of materials like mirror and glass.

With only 3 weeks to develop the concept and fabricate the installation for Manchester, we had to rapidly produce a number of digital designs. Each one cascaded reflections in a different way, so rendering out turntable videos of each of them allowed the client to fully visualise what the final effect would be.

Using an interlocking system, we joined panels of polished aluminium composite to create a lattice work, with a void cut out exactly the same shape as Filip in the middle of the structure.  The back section needed to slide out to allow entry inside the installation. A fitting at our workshop before the show helped us find any uncomfortable spots that needed softening.