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Neymar Jr. Beats Headphone Box

Creative Agency

Accept & Proceed

Asylum Supervisor

Mark Curtis

Asylum made the mechanised box to house Beats’ latest Studio 3 headphones, inspired by Neymar’s famous tattoo, during their publicity event.

We designed a solution to realise our client’s concept using 3D-printing. An opaque sintered plastic was chosen for its strength and capacity for intricate details, as well as its property to scatter light. The art department drew up the etched pattern on the box in CAD using the tattoo motif provided, while our electronic engineers worked on developing the internal mechanisms.

The box was rigged with an automated system that, upon being placed on a flat surface, started to glow repeatedly before opening up to reveal an internally lit platform, raising to present the headphones. The mechanism was designed to be hidden and completely battery operated.