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IBM THINK Labyrinth




George P. Johnson

Asylum Supervisor

Mark Curtis

For IBM’s annual¬†business and technology conference, THINK, Asylum worked with George P. Johnson to create this 3×3 metre wide interactive labyrinth attraction.

As one of the centrepiece experiences featured at the conference, the installation was based on the classic marble toy where players tilt the play field to guide a steel ball into its goal. The THINK labyrinth was composed of several different mazes atop four tables, rigged with gimbal pivots and control handles inside the enclosure. Participants were challenged to operate the tables from within to guide the ball across themed obstacle courses towards the end of the maze before time ran out.

Upon receiving the rough concept from G.P. Johnson, Asylum refined the design of the various mazes with optimal user experience in mind. We deployed a wide range of traditional and modern techniques to fabricate the elaborate mazes, including a topographic landscape, a complex cityscape, a swimming pool, a space-station and a modular pipework system. Most components were machined by hand or via CNC, with the more complicated pieces 3-D printed. As THINK travelled to different European cities, we also modelled several different landmarks in accordance. Our engineers designed the mechanical and electronic workings of the maze, as well as installed programmable light fixtures, audio and motorised elements which enhanced the gameplay.

Our team travelled to THINK’s various venues to set everything up, including a Rexroth enclosure to house the labyrinth. We also offered stand-by maintenance to ensure it operated in good order, through out the events.