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Louis Vuitton 200 Years – Asylum Trunk


Louis Vuitton


Mark Ward

Film Creator

Steve Clarke

Asylum Supervisor

Mark Ward

Because of our long standing relationship with Louis Vuitton, we were honoured with an invitation to provide a design for ‘Louis 200′. This was a celebration of the 200th anniversary of Louis Vuitton’s birth, with an extraordinary vision of having 200 of the top LV creatives designing their own interpretation of the classic travel trunk.

Our MD, Mark Ward, designed the case. He wanted to reflect on Louis’ life and the current state of the world. Inside the hypercube construction, the trunk is reflected to infinity. This is to represent the continuous production of this iconic piece of luggage and also to comment on the limitless freedom we experience through travel. The message ‘To Travel in Luxury’ embodies his ethos for the pieces he created. ‘The Luxury to Travel’ contemplates how the pandemic has impeded this freedom.

One-way mirror was used to create an air of mystery around the trunk, before springing into life when the external lights were turned off and the LED’s revealed the inner workings. A film of the piece was used as content on digital displays at LV stores all over the world.

For more visuals of the piece, along with the other 199 submissions, visit and