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Faceit ECS – CS:GO Trophy



Asylum Director

Simon Allen

For Faceit’s ECS event, we produced a trophy for their CS:GO eSport tournament.

Asylum worked closely with Faceit to produce an original design for the trophy. After a number of iterations, we modelled the final version with CAD and worked out the means of production.

To achieve the beautiful, semi-opaque orange details, we cast in coloured resin. In order for this trophy to be easily transported to the winning teams country, the trophy was made in parts which were screwed together. The 3D printed logos on either side of the trophy were magnetised, so they could be removed to allow access to the screws holding the crystal section in place. The cup section could also be detached from the stem, making for smaller parts to be packed.

We were also responsible for fabricating six brass medals for the winning team. Thick plate brass was used in an acid etch process, giving it an embossed surface.