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Ecover L’Eau de Bébé Bottle


Uncommon Creatives Studio

Production Company

Object and Animal


Matias & Mathias


Alex Chamberlain

Asylum Supervisor

Simon Allen

Asylum fabricated the L’Eau de Bébé bottle for Ecover’s tongue-in-cheek advert.

Upon receiving the pencil sketch design of the bottle, our art team re-imagined it into a digital sculpt. We fine tuned the design with the client, then separated it into parts to be 3D printed.

The baby was printed in an opaque resin, whereas the bottle itself was made in clear to mimic glass. It needed to be water tight to hold dyed water, but an opening big enough for a hand to fit inside was necessary to sand the interior. A bottom was designed to make a perfect seal once finishing was complete. We produced a second, scaled-down version of the bottle as well to mimic a normal size bottle.