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Google Mini Helmets



Asylum Supervisor

Simon Allen

For Google Play Games Month, we were asked to create over thirty sets of miniature helmets which would be sent to numerous reviewers and content providers all over the world. Each set had four helmets, representing a discounted game available on the online store during this promotion. They included a Greek war helm, Stormtrooper, Iron Man and Agario tomato character.

Due to restrictions on the CAD data of Marvel and Star Wars designs, we had to create the 3d models ourselves from internet reference. With extensive research we were able to faithfully recreate the Iron Man and Stormtrooper helmet.

To produce the fine detail with the multiple units requested (over 130 helmets were fabricated), we used our in-house 3d printer. Contrary to popular belief though, many hours were spent afterwards, using traditional model making techniques, to prepare the models and apply the final finishes you see in the images above.