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Hussein Chalayan Masks


Hussein Chalayan

Asylum Supervisor

Simon Allen

Asylum was tasked by acclaimed fashion designer, Hussein Chalayan, to create a set of face masks with mannequin hands, for London fashion week’s catwalk.

Inspired by Vogue dance aesthetics, our brief was to fabricate two masks, framed by stylised hands and sculpted with handprint indentations. The finish was required to be reminiscent of Japanese high gloss lacquerware.

Upon receiving the initial designs, we began sculpting the masks digitally for 3D-printing. To ensure a tight fit, we 3D-scanned a model in the appropriate poses to sculpt the masks directly over her face. The hands were then designed with clamp fittings to screw them to the mask from the inside. This avoided having any holes on visible surfaces. We then modelled pockets and compartments into the masks for storing various makeup tools.

The custom-made head straps were produced from neoprene and coloured to match the exact Pantones of each mask. Finally, magnets were glued to the ends of the foam tubes so they can be easily attached and removed during the hustle and bustle of backstage.