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Army Confidence SA80 A3 Rifle



Production Company



Nicolai Fuglsig

Asylum Supervisor

Mark Ward

The MOD recently invested in updating the Army’s SA80 A2 rifles, future proofing them beyond 2025. It was not certain that the client was able to obtain real A3’s for filming, so we were asked to create a series of prop rifles as back-ups for this campaign.

Due to the relatively new release of the rifle, airsoft gun manufacturers have not made any replicas yet. We used existing A2 bodies and stripped them of the irrelevant components, in order to fit them with our model-made parts. Photo reference from the internet was used to reproduce the updates digitally for them to be printed in durable, ABS style plastic.

Various internal fittings were designed to work with the airsoft body for a strong and accurate fit, suitable for rigorous use on location.