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Twitter Beach Installations



Asylum Director

Mark Ward

For the annual Cannes Lions, Asylum produced a series of installation pieces for the Twitter Beach experience.

We were tasked to fabricate 4 sets of items for the event: a foosball table with female players, a Game of Thrones chair made out of wooden hashtags, two pairs of bent-steel placards and finally, an interactive piano from which various tweets would emerge with accompanying music clips when the corresponding keys are pressed.

For the foosball table, we sprayed and lacquered the player separately so each has a unique shirt, skin and hair colour combination. We prepared the artwork to print onto weather-resistant dibond for the pitch, as well as rubdowns for the players’ numbers and emblems. We built the Iron Throne chair mainly with plywood planks, but for the curved seating area we took moulds from the planks and made resin duplicates so they can be bent into shape. The hashtags on the chair were painted on by hand using stencil cut-outs. All colours were carefully matched to the provided Pantone References.

Our electronic engineers built the interactive piano from the ground up, developing a mechanism in which rotating motors reveal 2o different tweets printed on laminated panels when the right keys are pressed. As a backdrop for the piano, we built an imitation wall which hid the speaker system, the hashtag in the decal “#PopMusic” was cutaway and replaced with a metal mesh to allow sound to come through.

Our engineers accompanied all the pieces to Cannes for the installation as well as maintaining upkeep throughout the duration of the event.