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Chords of Light Christmas Tree



Asylum Supervisor

Mark Ward

The installation was composed of a contemporary Christmas tree, situated in the middle of the amphitheatre in Sheldon Square. An array of spotlights lit it from the surrounding area.

A steel structure was fabricated for the base of the tree as over 500 elasticated cords stretched over the structure, creating a phenomenal amount of pull. Lights were fitted around the stem, powered by solar panels at the apex of the tree.

The interactive lights used the latest long distance LED optical lens technology from Stanley Electric Co. 32 individual spotlights shone on the tree from around the square, making the installation an imaginative and unique design. The real-time light animation produced, was triggered when someone used the hashtag #PaddingtonCentral on Instagram. Over 1km of armoured cabling was safely installed around the square to withstand the 2 month period of public display.