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Sony Bravia Bond


Baillie Walsh


Josh Barwick

Production Company

Home Corp

Production Designer

John Bramble


Warren Dupreez

Daniel Craig looks into the camera while all around him chaos ensues. Asylum created all the live action effects in this Sony commercial, shot on motion control.

We built a sequencer that would trigger the effects that ran off the camera system. This allowed us to give Daniel effect’s cues by triggering air mortars and flame effects, and on each take,  4 bullet hits gave him cues to react to, that would then allow the effects shots to match his timing perfectly.

Flame explosions, flying rubble, glass, debris, dust, smoke and the concrete pillar were all shot full scale. A replica of Daniel was made for the glass and rubble interaction.We also made a third scale version of the entire set with breeze block walls that wore blown apart with explosives and flame effects.

At the same time Asylum were shooting the extreme detail commercial, we recreated the effects for the stills campaign.