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Millenium Dome


John Hackney

A very big project for us which had a short time scale and a deadline that would never move, the start of the year 2000. Asylum were commissioned to make the exhibits of the most visited and famous part of the Dome, the Body Zone. Our work included in order of the visit:

Walkway – Life like models showing various emotions, three solid perspex blocks with body parts set inside and animated text.

Skin room – Blood with visible blood cells being pumped around the floor and walls. Large scale hair covering the ceiling. Animatronic Lice and parasites moving through the hair.

Lab room – Microscope scanner, an interactive scanner that would appear to find parasites on the volunteers body.

Heart room – A 14 ft beating heart, fixed 24ft in the air

Brain room – 7 animatronic brains on spinal cords doing a Tommy Cooper routine

Eye room – A very large eye with moving pupil. 

Asylum had a permanent installation team at the dome and all our commissioned builds were fitted with time to spare (but not much!).