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McFit Gym Fat Suits


Partisan Germany

Asylum Supervisor

Mark Curtis

A German gym chain wanted to advertise their facilities using the famous Klitschko brothers, by presenting an alternate version of them. One where they weren’t quite as active as they really are.

With digital scans of both brothers, we had all the necessary body parts CNC’d in chemiwood. These were then moulded and editioned so everybody working on the various aspects of the suit had an accurate base to build on. Soft-tech needed a body for tailoring a close fitted fat suit and the sculptors laid clay over the head and arms so the plat-gel silicon prosthetics would sit perfectly. A collapsable core was made for the face and neck cast, so the mould could be made from one piece and no seam line would be visible.

Whilst the work was underway, a digital pre-viz sculpt was created for confirmation with the client, as the lead time was extremely short.