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Louis Vuitton – Marc Jacobs Contraptions


Gainsbury and Whiting

We designed and fabricated a variety of exhibition pieces for the Louis Vuitton – Marc Jacobs retrospective at Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

Busby Legs – These moving legs are based on the work of film director Busby Berkeley, who’s elaborate musical production numbers often involved complex geometric patterns. We developed the rig in CAD to simulate the mechanics before the physical fabrication began. The entire piece was for displaying a selection of couture shoes made by Louis Vuitton.

Chocolate Box – This giant chocolate box was designed to display a multitude of fine bags. Spacing was an important factor and Asylum refined the initial client concept so it would fit in the exhibition. Everything had been drawn up digitally at first with photo realistic renders provided to the client for sign-off, before the fabrication began.

Zoetrope – A giant zoetrope made with mahogany panelling and brass fittings. An initial wooden construct was made to test the sizing and rotational speeds for the animation to read seamlessly.