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Kiabi Summer 2014

Production Company

Studio Peripetie

Creative Director

Sylwana Zybura - 'Madame Peripetie'

Asylum Supervisor

Mark Ward

Acclaimed photographer,┬áMadame Peripetie, approached us to create three abstract and wacky costumes for a French clothing store’s summer campaign.

Each of the characters were to convey aspects of the target consumer. One was designed for the family as a whole, one for women and the other for children.

The project began with rough pencil line sketches from the client, which we fully developed in CAD for further design changes. The final geometry was used for pattern making, as well as for creating various hard surface elements.

A rig for the family character’s costume was designed by our engineers not only to support the whole body, arms and head, but to also move the additional leg in time with the opposite limb. For the woman character, a cable harness had to be incorporated into the costume.