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John Lewis Christmas Windows


Harlequin Design


Rosie Chatwin

Asylum Supervisor

Mark Ward

Following John Lewis’ creative christmas ad for 2015, Asylum produced a wide variety of models for their flag ship store windows in Oxford Street and Sloan Square.

The TV commercial ends with the man on the moon receiving a christmas present, floating with tied balloons. Opening the gift, he finds a telescope to view the Earth up-close.

We were approached to fabricate large floating boxes along with structures of concentric glowing rings to represent the telescope. Extensive CAD work made sure that we were working accurately to the constrained spaces that were available for the displays.

The concentric rings were to be pressed up against the glass of the window and have large tv screens attached to the other ends. LED’s defused by strips of polypropylene were wrapped around them to give a moon like glow.

The boxes were fitted with raising platform mechanisms, so that products could be placed on them and be intermittently revealed. This gave a weightless quality as all the boxes were suspended in the air by large support rods.