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Hyundai Giraffe


Richard Loncraine

Asylum Supervisor

Mark Mason

Fully animatronic, the head and neck of the giraffe was capable of a range of smooth motions by puppeteering.

The whole modelĀ was mounted on a rig that ran on a camera track to allow up, down, forward and backward movements, while the animatronics could bend the neck and move the head on all axis, as well as the eyes, ears, mouth and brow.

The giraffe itself was crafted using typical techniques. A sculpt was formed from clay, moulded in fibre-glass and carefully castĀ in foam latex. It was then block painted, flocked and hair punched to provide the furry exterior, before it was meticulously spray painted to a realistic finish. We made sure the model matched exactly to the live animal used in the advert so the transition in the end was as seamless as possible.