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Huawei Porsche Mobile Phone

Production Company

Wanda Pictures

Asylum Supervisor

Mark Curtis

Porsche Design has worked with Huawei to produce the Mate 9, a luxury mobile phone that combines craft and functionality. The advert reflects on the obsessive precision and aesthetic ideals that both companies achieve.

Through out the advert, multiple materials used in the construction of the Porsche, are depicted in a raw, malleable state before forming the mobile phone. The client wanted as many elements as possible to be shot in-camera with as little interference from VFX. So Asylum provided all the material surfaces and models that were filmed in-camera.

Raw ores were broken and blended with solid metal. Long sheet metal forms were cut, cleaned, polished and sometimes upholstered for close up camera work. An undulating surface of high gloss black triangles was fabricated to blend with a lattice frame work 1.6 metres long.