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Ferrero Rocher Magic Tree

Production Company



Stef Viaene

Asylum Supervisor

David Plewis

Asylum fabricated the many physical elements required in this heavily post-produced advert for Ferrero Rocher.

The confection was recreated in a series of painted 3d prints, depicting its various layers. The base hazelnut was digitally modelled, with each layer sculpted to scale over the top. These were located onto a rig whilst shooting, so when each was filmed, they were perfectly located in frame. The VFX team then transitioned between them in comp.

The tree model was fabricated using aluminium wire and vac formed PETG for the leaves. The pouring chocolate had to slowly bend down one of these as it hit, so a leaf was rigged on a sprung mechanism to give a slow, natural effect. A sprinkled nut element was alos shot separately.