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Enigma Bombe


Michael Apted


Mick Jagger

Production Designer

John Beard

We made six replica Bombe machines for the 2001 film ‘Enigma’.

At first, getting information for the look of the machines proved very hard as the official secrets act had meant that few pictures existed of the originals. We tracked down some that the Americans took of their own version of the machine, but this was different from the originals in Bletchley Park. 

We then were given a contact, John Harper who at the time was building one for the museum at Bletchley. He had original schematics which made it possible for us to fabricate a very accurate looking replica.

Some of the parts we made for the film versions were so exact that we made some extras for John’s rebuild project. The machines were donated to Bletchely Park museum where they are still on show. One machine was kept by Mick Jagger for his collection. Visit John’s rebuild web page for more info by clicking here.