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Dior Lady Grey London


John Cameron Mitchell

Production Company

Black Label

Asylum Supervisor

Mark Ward

We fabricated a number of props for the Dior short film, Lady Grey. A human sized hourglass was made, as well as prop pens and hip flasks, adorned with Dior’s signature embossed pattern.

First we modelled the hourglass in CAD over the scanned data of Marion Cotillard’s body double, so she could fit comfortably inside for the opening sequence. A tool was machined using CNC and then vacuum-formed in perspex to produce a polishable¬†hourglass.

A special rig was designed for the flowing sand effect. An inflatable ring wrapping around the waist was slowly deflated via remote control, thus allowing sand to pass through on cue. The bottom of the hourglass is set on an elevated platform with a mechanism which drains all the sand away before the glass is opened up from the back.

We also faithfully recreated the famous Cannage emboss pattern using a few samples provided. We 3D printed the design as custom claddings to fit onto various props, then carefully hand-finish each one to be camera ready.