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Baku European Games 2015

Asylum Supervisor

Mark Curtis

Within 3 weeks, Asylum produced 45 large name plates for the opening and closing ceremony of the 1st European Games, held in Baku, Azerbaijan. These were fixed above the head of a representative, marching in front of each country’s group of athletes.

The client had a produced bodice frames that wrapped around the ‘name bearer’ and was fixed securely to┬áthe back. We had to design a fixing plate that would attach firmly there, so as to focus the weight of the name plates around the waist.

The name plates were made from aluminium and metal rolled to curve with the shape of the bodices. The lettering on top was fabricated from polycarbonate and were attached to the name plate with threaded inserts and counter sunk bolts. Carbon fibre rods attached to the back plate were used to suspend the letters above the heads of the name bearers.

All the materials had to meet rigorous safety standards and were all sourced with that in mind. Fire proof paints and plastics were used.