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Lucky Man Bracelets

Production Company

Carnival Films

Asylum Supervisor

Simon Allen

Asylum fabricated the Chinese bracelet props for Sky1’s TV series Lucky Man.

Upon receiving the CAD model of the bracelet, we made cosmetic adjustments as well as practical ones such as devising a discrete joining mechanism, which allows the actor to put on the seemingly uni-body pieces with ease. We also added crevices for foam linings, and adjusted the strength of the magnet-inserts for the wearers’ comfort.

The models are then 3D printed, carefully sanded and primed, then plated with a metallic finish, before being individually handpainted to resemble patinated brass.

Being the integral part of the story, it is essential for the bracelets to exactly identical to each other, extra care was taken to match each one to the hero version. We also made several other variants of the bracelet according to the storyline where it gets progressively damaged and scorched.

Finally, we modelled a matching box to go along with the bracelets. Also 3D printed, the box features etched artwork inspired by reference images provided by the client and carefully painted to look like aged pewter, then finally lined with felt for a luxuriant finish.