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Esbriet Inflating Lungs



Asylum Supervisor

Mark Ward

WRG commissioned us to produce a live event installation, illustrating the efficacy of a particular drug made by Roche Pharmaceuticals.

The piece gives a striking, eye catching and memorable representation of the effectiveness of their product over placebo. Asylum designed and manufactured the lungs, which were over 3 metres in height, completely in-house using on-sight CAD and CNC capabilities. The alveoli of the lungs were represented using nylon air-pockets which were inflated and deflated using pairs of fans. Each was illuminated with a high power RGB LED for full colour control.

In its unattended state, the installation piece cycled through the progressive stages of the disease. In addition, Asylum manufactured an interactive console so that event attendees could interact with the piece and to aid in user engagement. Supporting content was also displayed on two LCD screens to give additional insight.